Team Build Tuesday!


MamaDeadHead back for another team building video! Last week I did a video about leader skills. When you were starting the game(or if you are new now) what issues did you have team building wise? Or what didn’t you know about the game? What should my next video be. Please comment if you have a different idea! I want to help out as much as possible!

  • Weapons
  • Making Zombie teams
  • Other (include another answer in comments)

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Maybe diving into best utilization of a given active such as 20% ap gain, when and where the toon will use it, who do they feed etc etc.

Not interested myself and won’t watch but general topics don’t really engage players. you need to dive into specific areas a player may not be properly leveraging.

For example, how to turn 2 6s (66ap) a shiva using carl lead, amd 2x ap knives. Conditions that give carl ap gain greatest likelihood of setting shiva off.

How governor can be used to set off alpha or siddiq early and how siddiq can then do provide 50% ap gain.

You know specifics need to really push a team over the top and surprise players.

Side note - likely requires a lot of play testing.


A lot of my members still struggle with weapons.

Not understanding what’s best for Walkers, humans etc…


I voted for weapons, and just wanted to point out the importance of optimization algorithms when crafting.

As an example, always get the OP (or desired) slot 3 buff first, preferably on a weapon which already has a 30% stat boost in one of the first two slots. Then deal with the remaining 2 upgrades accordingly, knowing that very large AP bonuses are theoretically guaranteed with duct tape.


Okay, I will make sure I go over the difference of the 2!


Okay, thank you! I would have left that out if you didn’t remind me of this. I didn’t even know you could reset when I started, so I have impair on one of my shottys and no upgrades left.


Lol I don’t know or want to know any hacks about the armory. I know that when I was going for stun on attack it took me over 30 times


Good ideas to deep dive,

however Alpha, Gov, Sidd that’s top faction talk, and thus the guides would probably only help the rich kid who is pulling but doesn’t know how to play. Most of the average players aren’t going to have Alpha :smiley:


You’re awesome Mama!

PM me when your video is out!


Fair but It’s examples of how these higher ap toons can be taken to the next level. It informs on every toon, these just happen to be the ones currently available.


What about when people use a ‘special weapon’ and then waste parts by overwriting a Tier 3 upgrade. I see people doing this all the time.

Like they pull an ATK down weapon from the wheel, and then try and put stun on it. I’m like, dude there is no +30 in any slot, don’t waste parts!

I once saw someone who had stun on a 3* weapon! That still cost the DT and PK!


For sure, I love the deep dive stuff.

It just kinda sucks how small the pool is lately and people’s activity levels are so low. LIke there is 1 8% AP based melee defense on my region (other factions) almost everyone else just runs basic bitch windowless Mira teams or Stun Carl.

Probably only 12 or so people on my entire region that pulled Erika (not that good anyway) and I don’t see anyone with Madison

I’ve seen 2 Alphas on my region and one is from a player who is high prestige, but just collects toons like toys and barely plays in war :frowning:


I am one of those people who has a stun on a 3 star weapon. All because I had to learn everything myself. That’s why I really want to help other people. I have some class A blunders lol I want to keep others from making my mistakes!


Me too budy, I started the game just doing world maps and having absolutely no clue on what to do, took me a week or more to join a faction.


I quit the game after a week because I didn’t know what a faction even was lol


@Mamadeadhead back when i started, i was actually calling Factions “Fractions” which is even more weird


People call them Fractions every single day on global chat on my region. We have a lot of people who don’t do no book learnin!


you noob sheep


true …but that was an all time low for me!


Hahaha fractions. I know I did embarrassing stuff too lol