Team Build Challenge: Huge AP on damage


Pure Defense team, no Carls, Magnas, Erikas, Koas, Kals.

I’m interested on if & how leader’s Huge bonus to AP when taking damage can be used efficiently. I know mostly we need to use HP rather than DEF to make this work. Is there a way to make this good defence team or AP on damage skill is just meh?

My current options below. Assume all are fully upgraded and I have good amount of mod sets.

  1. Eugene greens + blues: Glenn, Anna x2, Abe, Shiva, Victor, Lee, Yumiko, Michonne.
    Stun weapons with Huge bonus to AP on attack. The same bonus on blues weapons.

  2. Javier’s fast + blues: Rick, Beta, Sandy, Joshua, Connor, Morgan, Romanov, Lee, Yumiko, Michonne.

  3. Garret red + greens: Rosi, Neutralize Gov and Mira plus mentioned greens.

I would welcome and appreciate your comments on how to make this work. Especially looking for feedback from @Wanderer as he used to make similar riddles in the past.


Do not underestimate Garret. He can be a beast if he is in the right team.


Fair point. I corrected it as 3rd option. Open to all ideas.


HP mods and impair resists if ya only gonna use AP when taking damage lead, Carl is on sale for $5 I suggest you buy him up


First things first, from the leads you listed, imo Eugene is the most effective.

Eugene gives lead skill to toons of the opposite trait. This makes it more difficult to determine the best team to attack with and allows you to alter throughout war to maximize the likelihood of upset.

Second would be Garret.

In all honesty, yellows make for crappy AP when attacked because their best defensive weapon negates all ap gain if it triggers.

Regarding mods if your trying to go this route, as @Kodak_black said, impair resist is a must have. Neuter gov is everywhere and Magna is commonly used on offense with her impair defense gun, so there is a good chance your enemy will be using impair to keep your team under control. Mod up to resist this and hopefully get those rushes to pop.

The rest of the mods should be defensive in nature whether defense or hp. Depends on your availability. You need them to survive 5 hits from the opposing team which may have a trait advantage.

Now, what to put on a team… In all honesty they tend to be hit or miss, but I outright despise Dante teams. I always feel like I’m at a disadvantage. Also the opponent can flip it on me, and I wouldn’t know until I’m already in battle.

#1. use a command, aka Connie, Glenn or siddiq. One or two hits and it’s usually enough cause a toon to pop turn 1 with command if his/her AP bar isn’t already full. These toons are also usually first to be targeted, so a good build would be hp, def, special to keep them alive. They are always giving up their turn so ap when attacking imo is less necessary.

#2. Rest of your toons should have AP when attacking, as generally attackers don’t hit every toon once, so u need the other toons to pop at their typical rate.

#3. Use taunt toons! Try to get your opponents in a loop! Someone like blue Garrett that taunts 3 for one turn can be super nasty. Also there is a chance that you may be taunting a neuter or stun atk toon. So be sure to give this loop toon plenty of resist. You will probably want more than one of these cause your enemy will be trying to control you.

#4. A sheild may not help. This is likely a debateable piece of input, but if your trying to loop, a sheild can get in the way, especially if you have revives mixed in. It is also likely your sheild rushes and leaves your team unprotected. I’ve seen some nasty sheild less teams that have taken me down. I have also seen nasty with sheild teams.

#5. Heal, revive, defense up, stats remove, etc. Don’t worry about defense reducing your ap gain when attacked. You need to keep your team alive and hopefully hitting pretty hard.

I’ll throw some teams out there later. I have not built an ap when defending team in a long time so will need to go do some theory builds.

I like the challenge. Thanks for asking.


The concept is great… I have Vince lead to try this with but lack the mods for it to be really useful… some pics n vids on successful ap on def builds would be awesome… keep it comeing.


no shield, no ericka, no g2 challenge, and has to be huge def leader? obviously this is not a finished product but i would run something like this and throw it in tower so they cant see wassup till they engage. all stun and ap down. all bonus hp. -atk debuff. heal reduce. thats just the static stuff. havent really tampered with variables like mods yet.


Kind thanks for so detailed and quick answer. Appreciate your all help on this assignment. My goal is to utilize AP bonus on taking damage, learn how and if this can be useful.

This is what I have so far:

Questions and options:

  • I can add 2nd Anna in place of Lee to get 3x taunt (just need to level up her)
  • I can replace Michonne with blue Yumiko or Shiva with Stun claw and 38% DEF on 2nd slot.
  • Currently Michonne has CRT set, but maybe DEF or HP with CRT chance would be enough?
  • I can add (probably to Eugene) defensive Oar with Revive on kill, not sure if that’s helpful, but might confuse some people if it works
  • Is it more beneficial for Lee to use weapon giving “better chance to randomly heal 20% HP when being attacked”?
  • Weapons like AP drain or DEF down recommended or … not really?
  • I can work around with mods, especially if impair protection as a MUST. Neutralizers and impair weapons are not popular in my region … yet.
  • It seems that desired way would be to have all fast AR, which is possible in this case (only Lee has normal)

They seem to hold on average about 12-15 turns now which is rather nice.

Currently working on set up with Lee and Shiva, as it seems to be statistically speaking most effective.


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