Team Build Challenge #2 - F2P teams that beat P2P


Continuation of this thread.

Here’s a range team, pretty decent success rate.
Build a F2P team that can win in under 10 turns.

Erika 30 Def huge ap atk stun def
Gov 35 atk huge ap atk stun def
Siddiq 30 atk very large ap atk impair def
Magna 30 hp very large ap atk impair def
Hershel 40 crit very large ap atk stun def

Magna buys an extra turn for Erika gov or hersh to be commanded turn 2. Any off them cause a headache, I’d prefer governor or Hersh to pop over Erika. She’s better off going naturally turn 3 should Magna have been taken down which doesn’t take alot as she isn’t maxed and needs a better weapon.

Have fun


I could probably take it down with F2P, but it wouldn’t be under 10 turns. I pretty much took down a lot of hardocore tams with Boobs lead, Ty, Glenn/Heath command, Guardian Zeke and Evasion Negan (35%atk 30%def stun, 40%atk very large bonus to ap on atk random 20%heal, 35%atk huge bonus to ap on atk stun 35crit 24 def abso def, 35%atk huge bonus to ap when atk and bonus ap to all). I know it’s silly but it sure is working decently and i don’t wanna change it lol


this should get the job done


Mira, ty, Shiva force zek, taunt Abe, neut gov Mira and gov with stun guns Abe and ty with impair and Shiva force zek with 35 crit weapon


I’ve seen this team win. Also seen it lose. Certainly a capable one. If you get some bad rng luck it’s a steep downward slope but if goes well around 6 turns to clear.


Shiva force zeke is a solid counter with his impair remove and hit 2 rush. He puts out decent damage and guardians make it less likely my team rushes. Taunt Abe helps with control but isn’t used by me atleast as I find him underwhelming. Mirabell and governor are always a nice pair for stu remove and control. Tyrese straight up kills shit, and decap gives you a good Erika counter.


it all depends on your stun / impair or my stun/ impair as long as i can keep erika from going off with confuse / impair it should be over quick dwight with double att sometimes pops for 4 taking two red down its not bad for a ftp vs mostly red teams


Indeed. The impair gun held by Magna is easy to work around since actives are not controlled. With actives impair tends to be less effective than absolute defense which will surely be the next shield in 3 months or so. Then in 6 month the coveted red shield will appear.


Abe is Underated af


im not real excited about mods ive put so much time and mats into my weapons and they are going to be as useless as the 5* toons ive acumulated over the past 400 + days


Two absolutes, two impairs, one double attack
Usually kill Gov T1, finish with Ty so decap.


a lot of ftp are underrated weapons make them useable


He’s meh and wouldn’t say he’s underrated. He’s appropriately rated, better options out there and on defense he’s useless. Better off with a harder hitting toon than his fluff shot.


I like the use of Joshua with his stun removal. Damage isn’t huge but powerful. Overall I like the team as a good specific counter design.


It’s just my opinion but I prefer Abe over any of my other 6* blues he’s pretty helpful against Erika team


Mods will just accentuate specific toons capabilities. For example shields will be tanker and resist stun. Attack toons will be ridiculously powerful and the only way to stop will be dedicated builds for each toon for offense or defense which imo makes the game much worse as the character pool is small and highly constrained.

Like you I’m not looking forward to it. Hope it gets severely nerfed. I anticipated armor at some point as they had resist abilities already implemented in faction Assault. More and more Stat modifiers are not welcomed.


Don’t get me wrong 2 turn control abilities are always useful especially on offense where you can focus their efforts. I just prefer killers with actives that provide the necessary control.


Thanks! That’s my ranged attack team, it is very effective against Erika and pretty much any ranged team thus far.

As much as people trashed blue michonne for defense she is actually the best defensive toon to date IMO


Agree. I thought she’d be severely limited but she can take a beating and if she doesn’t get stunned can often rush next turn of there is a command. She has become a staple on many top teams in my region.

I have about 4 variants of team configurations I’ve paired with my Erika. Always changing to try to catch players off guard which is why I typically last for a while during war.


nuff said