Team Build Challenge #1 - F2P Counters Thread


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OK rules.

  1. Team to Beat - must be picture from your roster and may be of any combination of free to play or paid premier. You must have it 'or picture of it) , no hypothetical dream team without picture. Share the weapon builds via picture or in detail. Share what makes this team difficult and effective.

  2. The challenge - Using only F2P toons, define the team you think can beat the team posted and how you would attack/sttategize to ensure victory. How many turns do you think it will take, etc.

Be cool if some actually could play test and show various results from within faction. But you know, doesn’t always work out.

Team Build Challenge #2 - F2P teams that beat P2P

Team 1 all greens.

Currently effective against most players. Either slows to 10+ turns, times them out, or takes down a few of their toons.

Koa - ap down, 35 Def 30 hp
Tanks like an SOB
Glenn - stun atk, 30 Def, very large atk
Confuses, buffs, commands

Carl - stun atk, 24 hp, very large atk
Heals and lays down stun by attacking
Ivanova - stun atk, very large ap atk, 40 crit
Lay’s out guardians, removes stuns, impairs 3 for a turn
Shiva - stun atk, 30 Def, huge ap atk
Kills, confuses for 2 turns and active can stun toons


5 mirabelle’s 5 stun guns that’ll do it


Haha suppose it would but don’t you hate having non stop dups


This team lol


Madison isn’t free to play.


Ah misunderstood then just swap mirabelle to lead and add shiva


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fast impair team with stun guns impair weapons and ab0…with the only usable 5 star taunt the greens to death


Slow. But should be able to get there if your not busy getting stunned by my team. If it takes you 10-12 turns to clear me, I consider that a win as my teammates have hit 2-4 camps before you come out of battle.

If the stun atk start to hit, fight gets nasty.


Good arramgent but I have seen this team get wiped quit a few times by this defense. Certainly should get there most of the time but not as fast as you’d probably like.

To be fair I was surprised this defense stopped as many as it did. Of course I flipped it back and forth with a few other teams to make it more likely to get a mismatch.


For that green team id run my future red team, lucas lead, gov, mira,lori and euguene


negan taunts rnd two, so does wyatt, stall stunners untill rts4 michonne with huge ap bonus and impair when attacked gun procs, and if i could keep glen and carl from proc it would be tuff match…


im gonna go run it with faction mates because im curious


A solid team. I run similar against greens. Not 100% but 95%.

Stun atk teams are frustrating to face cause 1/20 ends in a run away situation with you just getting locked up.


Nice if I could I’d fight my teams… But I can’t =-(


yup…that green team is timeout team for sure


we should be able to…scrimmage yourself


Yeh they are , there very annoying to face especially without a healer in your squad, my carl team you can just out heal them eventually but with stun resistant coming i think that will be a thing of the past