@TayTron please undo whatever you guys did

You got lucky has disappeared from my game. I’ve had drought before but never this long. If this level up finishes up without it showing up it will be the 6th time I’ve been disadvantage in a row.
I know the coding is hard, sloppily thrown together, original coder is long gone and the original is buried deep under multiple layers but for the love of all that’s good and fair fix this mess or remove it for all! Loyal and dedicated players have been punished enough.
I have faith if you can fix a live event that was said to be impossible in the past, you can dig deep and fix this.
Thank you,
Your number 1 empty bucket fan


I reckon just get rid of it

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I dont see why they cant get rid of it and make a new scav camp so to say, theirs only like 5 missions that are useful with ygl being the most


I ever only do the token 3hr 2hr ones. So yeah 4 or 5, I don’t get the 60k one but maybe once every 3-4 months.
All others just started to abort.

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I do the token ones, survivor ones and ar ones and energy can ones, the 60k one shows once every few weeks, ygl is hit or miss, ive gone 2 weeks without it and ive got it 4 times in a level up, sometimes its gone for days, its fav time to disappear is fac level up, i have 4 scav camps all level 10. Maybe we are in the crappy ygl bucket

Try a new Strategy with YGL, this is what works for me.

  1. have 3 Camps one at lvl 11 (camp A), one at lvl 13 (Camp B) , one at lvl 15 (Camp C)
  2. Gold mission - I have done and have been told that was a mistake - however I don’t think it has done my game any harm.
  3. Camp A and B to run continuous orange and red mission, 8 hr to 48hr missions constantly.
  4. Camp C is the one you run YGL from.
  5. Start a YGL mission form camp C 14 -10 hours before a level up tourney
  6. Once level up has started, claim rewards from camp A and B, then send them out again doing red and orange missions
  7. Claim YGL from camp C, Now 2 possible outcomes will happen.
    Outcome 1 - YGL is instantly available however it will be behind a 45 Gold Coin pay wall, I never pay! I will then do Green missions and the New Moon mission until the 12 hr timer runs down and YGL is free again.
    Outcome 2 - YGL is now where to be seen, it will be there, its just hiding behind some other mission, if available do a 4-8 hour orange/red missions until it reappears - this is no disaster as you are running the timer down anyway.

This is what works for me - I expect to cash in YGL twice during a Level up tourney, maybe you do have a leaky bucket, but what you are doing is not working for you anyway, so try this - good luck :smiley:

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Thank you for the advice I’ll give it a try.
Also did you ever fully upgrade your town or complete the no go missions that make ygl disappear?
The bigger problem though is that it is broken and had been broken for years with little to no effort to fix.

Something has definitely changed. Last few months it seemed to have improved, but only just a little. But now all of a sudden I’m having the same issue but worse than ever before. Where it used to eventually pop up for a 48 coin cooldown, it’s now almost ALWAYS a different prestige mission instead.

It would always do this, but YGL would at some point be the one to finally show up there. Now it almost never does. And I also noticed Breakdown, if not in your cool down list, will 99% of the time be the one to show up next. Even if its Breakdown that you just completed…

I’m sure we won’t get any answer at all, and if we do they’ll prob claim nothing has changed. But it seems blatantly obvious to me that something has changed. Its a night and day difference from my perspective…

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I have always done something very similar to what you described. Idk if it really helped or not tbh. But its definitely not helping me now…

YGL is on a stupid 2 days timer if you miss that facker she’s gone for a long time so I just use it when it shows up.
That’s the key to make it keep showing.
as for the 60k one no idea seems random.

That’s what normally happens but this streak of not getting is not because I missed it, it just never came back.
I, like everyone here has a routine that worked like clockwork this time is different.


I do as well, but I will hold it and not claim if there’s an upcoming level up tourney-and there is ALWAYS an upcoming level up tourney.

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ETA on fixing this?
Maybe one or two more years?
Heck a honest answer of never could work also??

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1 ygl in the last 2 weeks, and it seems to get worse with each one that I do get.

They’ve become excessively stingy with trainers (remember milestones giving 5 and 10 bradys and basils?). And they’ve completely stopped selling world refill bags in the shop, so can’t efficiently farm survivors anymore.

Seems more and more and more by design. So now if we want to level up toons, we have to either buy trainer offers (which have increased in price while the actual value has decreased), or fck 0ff and stop playing like we used to.

At least if we could get YGL back, we could manage to level our toons to a point of usability. But i really do think scopely wants it this way. Im pretty convinced they have thought every bit of this through very carefully. Every little detail…


And I think you’re correct.

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