Taunt / stun resist suck wtf

I spent alot of time and Cash on this game. Ive got toonz with 100% taunt and stun resist. But it does not focking work. Wtf they still Gets stunned or taunted. How the fock??? I Even got a toon who taunt on atk. But that rately work. How the fock should i win when mods does not work?? I want my focking monkey back.

how do you get 100% taunt and stun resist :joy::joy: it’s not possible




and ive got 125 critical chance and it doesnt always proc…


So whats the point of 55% mods and focus?

Awesome :joy::joy::joy:

Focus is one of the best abilities in the game in this current meta, primarily due to bypassing Shields.
I was also under the assumption that a perfect mod was 75%.

@JB.Scopely’s leaked irl photo


I think he just straight up lied out of fustration lol

The maximum is 75% for resist mods so if you have 100% you probably got them from vk.

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Taunt and stun resist only can reach 75% max, y lying bro?

  1. Focused toons cant get stunned / impaired / blocked by abs defense / confused … etc.

I use Hershel who after 1 turn can cast focus on 3 toons.

So what am i missing??

Focus only temporary blocks taunt or confused. A toon with focus applied to them can still be stunned or impair and can still have AD block their attack.

They get focus for two turns. Still they get impaired stunned or taunted after one attack. Those toons also have 55% taunt mods on as well.

A focused toon can still have taunt applied to them but while they have focus the effect of taunt will be negated. A focused toon can still be stunned and impaired.

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Hmm looks like it works again. Wtf.??


Vk used to sell those.

Rng at its finest my friend. We all deal with it