Taunt > stun/confuse


In the current state of the game, I am finding that my own experiences have shown that taunt is more effective than stun or confuse. Obviously it would be ideal to stun an opponent rather than taunt. But, with most of the good p2p defenses it’s gonna be hard to stun their shield(s) consistently. But, with Romanov and blue Garrett who are both from my 3yr pulls, their taunt has really made double shield/triple revive teams a lot easier. Anyone else finding themselves choosing to run a taunt char over one that can stun?


Only because it is weaker than stun which is why people don’t mod against taunt. Princess is a monster for this reason she can tie up a bunch of people just make sure you put heavy duty stun resist on her.


Imo stun is way better. Taunt still allows that character to attack, stun takes away that ability. Though if you taunt a character into a character with stun on their weapon, that would be better.


Yes. I based one of teams on taunt and results are incredible. Mostly because no one protects vs. taunt. Of course hard specialization is not enough to win all battles, but I agree and have been saying that a lot - taunt is heavily underrated.


Meh i just use focus it’s like the shields aren’t even there


Not only they attack it is they keep their weapon traits.


But no body mods for trant res so keep it going over and over with two fast rev tys…


Stun is much better than taunt. Thats why people mod so hard against it. Leaving them open to a hard counter with taunt. And because you’re likely taunting a shield, they likely wont have stun on attack or impair on attack.


Best defenses have taunt resist mixed in the impair/stun/confuse resist as it makes things less predictable.

Generally yes taunt is least used cause

  • Stun and impair are weapon/specialist effects
  • confuse comes on disarm michonne, which is highly used for the disarming, confuse is a bonus
  • confused toons run risk a of self destruction their team
  • taunting a toon often leaves the taunter stunned or other effect so you don’t always get the full explosive

Just my input. But yes. Taunt is more reliable in today’s modded defenses.


A toon under taunt will still gain ap when attacking so when taunt is over they can rush. But taunt is underrated and not many players use a taunt resist mod, so this does make it somewhat more useful


I’m f2p and run a Sheild carl team just about who can have there toon she go off first


Clearly the reason for the suggestions of taunt being better is that because most people use impair and stun to nullify a threat, people will inherently run stun and impair resist mods on them.

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy really. Stun is best -> so people run stun characters/weapons -> people run stun resist mods to counter -> non stun appears more powerful because lower chance of being resisted


My team is exclusively confuse. Dante, Sophia, Shiva, Tyreese, Glenn. My team isn’t even attack heavy and I’ve easily won against a lot of pres 13 people and I’m f2p for just over two years now. I find that even if an enemy has confuse resist the sheer amount of confuse I have at my disposal negates that mod. Now of course I’m working on a new heavy attack version of this team with green madison lead instead so I have two ways of attacking.

Also just to add in the war most can’t even touch my defence only those who are pres 13 can seem to break through. In some wars I’ll be the last one one left and I’ve easily scored 30k+ just taking it easy burning some fills now and again. So confuse is still the best for me.


I must say I loathe taunt as I prefer to be able to control my characters at all times,although My Shane can remove it easily enough,so I’ve heavily modded against it. I’d mod against stun as theat’s annoying as well but I’m sadly lacking on resist stun mods at the moment. I can usually work around impair unless I run into a entire team using it.


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