Taunt isn’t stopping toons from using their active skill

Anyone notice taunt isn’t stopping toons from using their active skill?

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I just noticed a confused toon did as well. Not focused either.

Your not the only one noticing that taunt and confused no longer prevent use of rushes.

In those cases you should check if the target have “Taunt” resist. It’s not so common to see them but there are setups that relies on those mods.

Maybe they were focused my dude

I think you are right.

This has been happening with Mia. I make sure I hit her with taunt before she dies (and usually impair too), I see it has stuck, she dies, then she uses her AS to revive somebody. A lot of the time there are no focus toons in the team to have prevented taunt. It’s really bloody annoying!

In my case they weren’t modded for confuse. Showed they were confused from John Locke and toon still used AS. I marked it down to this game still being in alpha.

Sadly this has been happening for a very long time.

I’ve seen this happening with rushes and active skills.

I put taunt and confusion on Christa (at once), no resist mods (she surprisingly only had maim resist) and she didn’t have focus, she still rushed and took out one of my toons. This was today.

I got a video showing Mia was confused when she died and still rushed during her outlast. It wasn’t a bug; the toon that taunted her died, which removes the taunt.

If anyone else has video demonstrating any if this, I’ll take a look and submit anything that I can’t explain.

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I’ll try and remember to video next time I taunt Mia, it’s happened a fair few times. It’s not her rush but her active that’s going off (I tend to impair as well, so it couldn’t have been a cleanse all either), Rick or Charlie (those are my taunters) have still been standing when she’s gone off too.

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