Taunt is no more working

After update during onslaught a lot of times taunt is no more working. I taunt 3 with princess and next turn priya rush. There was no focus in any toon.

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Did she resist taunt?

Yeah it was like without taunt. She rush.

No I meant, did she have a taunt resist mod, and also resisted the taunt when Princess used her active?

I’ve had the same thing happen a few times now with no cleanse on pete or taunt resist mods and I forget to video it when I go into the match to prove there isnt any resists or anything when it happens I taunted the entire team with both my princess and they rush next turn

Cleanse, or focus, or focused stun

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Ralated to this thread

Focused stun on a priya would be intersting. Just saying.

Just to confirm - you taunted the entire team as the graphics popped on and stuck with the taunt symbol besides just normalize? Or you targetted the team without confirming the taunt status?

I happened to be in D3 onslaught this time (usually fight in D2) and there was an awful lot of taunt resists. Quitw often each and every toon on the team had one (occasionally, if they didn’t have taunt resist, they had atk up when taunted, which changed Princess to a bloody corpse faster than if they rushed her).

One thing to note is Slater, especially on a Mercer or Pete lead team - I try to daze him or simply attack him to avoid him commanding the toon I’d otherwise hit, but if my AP drain mods are taking a day off, he pops his rush and it’s focus time…

Yea it was angle priya doc princess pete and yea I watched the animations at the top of the toons and it showed I got them all taunted but then rushed on the next turn and I looked at all the toons the next turn and no resists or cleanse on Pete

What about focus on Pete’s weapon.

No he had his original weapon I was hoping to catch it on video but work got into the way and was hard for me to get on and try to after that happened

Seems to work fine for all my opponents, I’m constantly stuck in a god damn taunt cycle.

What % are your taunt mods?

I got 69% on Princess and 54% on Pete. They almost never get taunted (partially because I hide them behind a shield, so each gets just a 50% chance to be a secondary taunt target)… i wish there was a way for stun to work as often - to equp all of my team, I have to use resists as low as 42% and indeed they do work in only around 1 case out of 3…

Priya doesn’t have focus stun. Its red weapon attribute

Resistances feel a bit screwy lately tbh…

No I don’t have video

Unless you’re Trader.
Had one today resist in one raid:
-Stun x2 (Mercer lead + Mercer AR)
-Impair x3 (Doc AR twice and Priya AR)
-Confuse x1 (Priya AR)
-Taunt x3 (Doc AR twice plus Princess AS)
-Disarm x1 (Zander AS)

That’s insane. Not factoring in resist mods that’s a 1/1024 chance of happening (obviously a possibility just extremely rare). Not fun at all.

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That should be directed to Jacky.

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