Taunt bug is really getting to me

Total so why you care sooooo much if this thred doesn’t effect you why you getting all cut up about it? Are you invested no

Pete’s taunt bug is real. It had happened to me more than three times. Also some faction mates had experienced this bug.

I can’t even justify debating a comment like that. You’re just being ridiculous to try and make a point.

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Is that not what my reply does to you. Trying to pick apart an analogy youve been on these forums long enough to know once someone uses them they are grasping at straws never goes will.

If anyone can get this on video, I’ll get it to the devs high priority.

There’s a raid tourney coming up. Lots and lots of opportunities to capture this.


So when someone on your attack team has focus their little photo on the screen has a colored glow different from when they are not focused.

Scopely should add this same colored glow to the defensive toons when they are focused. That would probably clear up a lot of confusion.


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