Taunt any good?


Im kinda new in this game, and I have an Aris level 6 but my taunt is 1/8 so I was wondering if its worth to raise it to 8/8

-Not sure what taunt does lol


taunt makes other toon attack your toon with basic attack…no rushes or actives…weapon mods and guardian still works but taunt is how you beat those pesky shield revive teams …yes max aris out…1


taunt forces attacks to Hit That toon. very useful delay a needed turn.


ohhh wow, then I Will start uploading it immediately :slight_smile:

thank you!


funny thing is ppl stack toons with stun/inpair res but never taunt


taunt them behind a shield inpair 2 or all of taunted ppl.


I will be the exception :slight_smile:


dont max it out.

just make it 5/8. lvls 6-8 arnt necessary


i politely disagree…the max use is key to overcoming multiple revive shield teams, as well as the cooldown, if you can taunt more and do it faster your chances of winning increase, especially if you have only one taunt toon


I’m going to say only one thing - taunt is totally underrated.


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