Tattered Beach Umbrellas

How about giving us our tattered beach umbrellas that were supposed to be given out for those who pulled for Ryan. It’s not our fault scopely is to incompetent to give out the right collection item that is running with the right toon. Give us the umbrellas that were supposed to be for eggs and not the ones for butter.

I’ve just read this & then reread it & they have people now arguing with them about umbrellas, butter & F knows what else. WTAF has happened to this game. They think up this BS on the hoof & then just go nuts.

Why do they have to be tattered?? Is it still an umbrella if it has a hole in it? Now we’re asking the real questions

the real real question is what are they trying to make? We got eggs and now butter, i wouldn’t be surprised if they add sugar,flour,yeast,baking powder, and salt.

Oooh for Ivy… yeah, wonder if they’ll ever fix that…

The item you were receiving was listed if you just decided you should be getting another one it is your fault

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