Targeted by another Faction

My faction is being purposely targeted by another Faction to keep us from holding any territories above 3*. There is obviously some kind of plot against us and seems to be realised by other factions too now. I received a message from a different faction leader informing us of a 'chase down. I feel like I’m back in school. It’s just a game guys, have fun and let others have fun. And if said faction read this STOP ASKING ME TO JOIN YOUR CRUDDY GANG

There is a dominant faction in Dade too. The oldie faction always keep the best boost for theirself, if another faction take that terry, they will do an all out attack or coin for energy terry to take that back. Hmmmm


Like 2 months ago, my faction was targeted cause of a salty ex member. She joined another faction and they started hitting us. So we started hitting their terries, for like 2 weeks whenever their shield was down they kept losing the terri. So they decided to stop. Hit them back hard, they’ll stop haha


I advise guerilla tactics.
Take stripp mall and surefire for 30 critical craft.
When all needed started crafting just leave territory with walkers. Believe me… When that shit started going on my region…lets say peps learn fast hahaha

Xp territory is a different story.
Sometimes you gotta love tap enemy Territory to see if each toon takes 900 dmg. Only then it’s worth of attacking.


You never what you’re going to get tho :astonished::joy:

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Lucky dip :joy:

Joins a competitive game.

Complains about competition.


also starts to play a game with 2+ year vets

complains about how my rare characters aren’t strong enough.


I’m not afraid of competition. I was seeking advice for revenge. Thanks for your comment tho :grin:

You didn’t ask for any advice in your original post, so it just looks like you complaining.

That being said, best you can do is hit their ‘home’ territories too and hope for a ceasefire.

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plays metallica song jump in the fire…“fight fire with fire”

What did y’all do to get targeted though?

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Played twd ^^

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I am in my regions top faction and I cant remember us ever targetting a territory over petty revenge. Im pretty sure you just ran into Negan lol. Nothing personal, but the faction just wants half your shite, and they will decide what that half is lol.

Weird how better teamwork seems to win… It happens. If you want to take the territories back get all 30 of your people to get in the game. Keep surviving.

I’ve seen teamwork make territory not be a chore in my region, I think if you find yourself on the receiving end of a nuke, you might want to ask the leaders of the other factions why. You may very well have a member that is kicking the beehive


territories are not really worth the effort trying to hold.

It’s been a drag on my region and one of those chores that is contributing to people getting lower on morale.

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In the past I’ve targeted groups that continually raided my faction. I wouldn’t even take their territory - I’d kill their teams and let the walkers take it over just to create unrest.


I “target” factions who let walkers take over. :slight_smile:

One upon a time there was a faction full of assholes who liked flexing their muscles & talking down to other players because they made it to top 3. The power got their heads or something, they were getting a little crazy. They used to send people threatening messages all the time and throw hissy fits all over global if things didn’t go their way. Anyways what happened was, some of us top 10 factions got sick of their shit, banded together and made a super 3 way alliance. Nowadays, this faction can’t hold a territory for more than 1 hour 30 mins without being booted. You might want to think about doing the same.