Tapy-Joy/POP slots not paying out


I completed a coin reward offer for 704 coins, had to hit level 18 to recieve the reward. I grinded it out and got there and then when I did it was not paid. I have queried it with Tapjoy and the pop slots team and both of them are trying to deny the fact I completed this offer. Has anybody else encountered this problem with Tap-joy/pop slots? And have any idea what I should do to recieve my reward?


Tap joy never seems to pay out when I have to make a big effort.

Small effort yes…but small rewards sùck


They do the same to me. Even with ss. IF they answer at all, they give some lame story about how it didn’t recognize the device :roll_eyes:. Good luck, idk what to say as to when you can expect rewards


I’ve been sticking to the ‘download and run’ or ‘complete the tutorial’ offers. Less disappointment if/when they shaft me.


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