Tapjoy zday app is not paying out

So I was recently stung by kings group via tapjoy.

They advertised the game z day in the tapjoy section on rts ,I downloaded the game , spent some money to speed the offer up then got refused the reward.

Done some googling and several people have been stung by the same thing.

If you’ve recently downloaded z day through tapjoy rts, I would advise against spending any money on it as they will not pay out.

I have contacted Google who refunded the payments based on it being scam advertising,will attach some photos too

I doubt scopely or tapjoy can offer any assistance in the matter , but if anyone has downloaded this game , be wary of using money to complete the offer quicker.

I know it’s my own dumb fault for spending money , just trying to save others some time and money.


If you’re just going to be negative please take your comments elsewhere

Simply a post to save people being scammed and your response is who cares , if you don’t care , scroll past and ignore the post, edgy internet comments aren’t cool in 2019


Good job on getting your money back, a scam is a scam, these companies are out of control! This is my intent with the PU forums, to become a huge voice for gamers/gaming. And thank you for this post as i actually was doing this game for coins, it is deIeted now :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad it has saved you time or money

After all , time is more valuable in life than money lol

But yeah I’m glad I got the money back


Will be sharing this post on the PU forums and making a sticky for tapjoy as this seems to be a big issue for many and people should be able to avoid the tapjoy scams

Yup! I have plenty of money, money comes and goes, time just goes

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Yeah I’m quite disappointed as tapjoy honoured around 16000 coins in offers over the last week, but the one I actually spent money on, wasn’t honoured, which happened to have the largest reward

Tapjoy have blamed the developer of the game kings group

Same thing happened to me with afk arena, clicked the link in tapjoy offers it redirected me to the google play store too downloaded the game after I finished the offer, waited for the coins, never got them, so I contacted tapjoy, after about 4 to 5 days I got a response saying exactly what they said too you, that I downloaded the game through google play store and was not eligible for the reward which was BS, so they are not just doing this with Z Day

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I find it strange they honoured the other ones downloaded the exact same way but this offer, the largest reward with actual money spent on it,was refused eligibility

Damn almost as bad as Scopely and that’s saying something


Its funny how now we say “that company just pulled a scopely” :rofl:


@Twisty you should message the devs of that game and tell them how you got a refund and that maybe they want to stop scamming, not only cause of the refunds but also cause google can pull their game

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worked for me but took a week with the support team

Yeah I have emailed the devs of the game

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I done that offer, and got coins.

They weren’t going to give me the coins till I said I had proof that I spent on it, took two weeks to get a reply from being rejected
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Why did they rewarded you for lvl12 when you finished lvl 18

I’ve no idea. I got the full amount of coins

I’m facing the same problem for about 10 days. Already sent 6373457 emails

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