Tapjoy videos failure


Am I the only one to have troubles running the videos correctly ?
Half of the time I’m getting a “no video available”.
Clearing the datas of the game didn’t help, same for a Google ads ID reset.

Share your thoughts.


If you have done like 20 or so in the last 24hrs … there wont be any until the next day… i can often trick it to give me vids by going to the offers tab a few times and back to the vids again.


No, I can do the 35 videos per day (without ID reset) but I need twice more attempts to launch them all because some kind of lag or something like that.


I find sometimes i have to convince it i really wana see a vid… it sometimes tells me 4 or 5 times there is no vids… somtimes swappin from data to wifi gets it going too…


Yeah I’m talking about that.
Watching vids is already annoying.


It is… but as soon as a vid loads i put it in my pocket and ignore it for a bit… same as farming…


@Artorias are you using cell data or wifi?


I’m thinking whatever you’re using has a firewall up. Easily bypassed.


I’ve tried with both. No result.


Same problem, switched 4 devices - wifi and data.


Yeah I also tried with other devices, even computer emulator. We need a fix asap.


Where do you live? Area, not directly place, cause this is how it behaves in Europe, eastern and southern.


I’m from France


That could be it. Tapjoy offers, are they functioning or?


I don’t do them but sometimes we must wait a week or more to get the rewards lol


Yeah, welcome to the scopely Europe club. It is on their side of communication btw.


More and more discrimination in this s*** game


Well unfortunately it was always like that, nothing new. With tapjoy it only gets worse, so choice is to pay to play or not lol. I chose latter.