Tapjoy Strikes Again!


This is the 4th time in which I haven’t received my tokens. Only about 50% of my offers go through. They probably one me about 60 dollars in coins by this point. Comment how many times they’ve fucked you over, and how much was the offer.


Lost count of how many times tapjoy screwed me over but I know they’ve screwed me out of thousands of coins


I’m still waiting for 2k coins from a couple months ago


I’m waiting for over 4K coins from two offers. No response from tapjoy on either.


Lost count gave up on any attempts of getting whats owed…dont even do offers even videos anymore… #ScamAlert #Spammail


I’ve been blocked from all offers and I cannot email them any more either :frowning:


Point of tapjoy wasn’t ever to work as coin farm, it is there just to give you taste of coin usage then buy them after sudden “drying” of realized offers, it works like that for all.