Tapjoy still hasn’t released an update for ios11


Tapjoy app is not working on ios 11 on iphone
And its been months still no update… it will not work if you upgrade your iOS version to 11 Tapjoy has to release an update in order to work
So… Scopely? Can you do something?


nothing they can do tapjoy its self is dead its like a ghost town.


Im gonna have to buy samsung galaxy then


Even on android chances of actually getting the rewards are pretty low. I’ve found many of them don’t work and you can’t even open a support case since the “missing coins” options is broken 95% of the time. When you do open a case You’ll get an email, reply to it with what they ask for, then never another response.

They are basically stealing but noone cares.


Yea I’m on android, thousands of missing coins from tapjoy…


FYI they are not gonna do an app update for some reason