Tapjoy registration



Is tapjoy registration required to get my rewards?


No you dont need to register


not required but it can help


i done the final fantasy offer at 50% extra coins, (6411 coins back) but they tell me im not downloading the game via the rts app. something aint right with them

then at the bottom of the email they state not to use vpn or different advertising ids … and i can vouch ive not downloaded either of these

i dont even know how to register my account on it, i use to have the tapjoy app but it just disappeared one day


i had the same thing. BS it took me ages to get to 100k power

then they say ive not installed it through tapjoy, really then why is it on the rewards section of tapjoy and i logged a case through tapjoy. It wouldnt be there for me to log a case if i hadnt done it through tapjoy.

As per usual tapjoy just ignore your emails


yep, i sent a screenshot of all the info, even the tapjoy ad but since had no reply


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