Tapjoy offers vpn

So I just completed an offer and as an f2p I can do my first pull of 40, but I notice that the offers that I have left give very few coins and are not worth doing, can vpn be used to get better? and if so, which one do you recommend?

use a vpn for tapjoy and they will put a suspension on you


Yup…no vpn, unlocked phones, or changing devices to redo the big offers are allowed. That’s how I got suspended :upside_down_face:

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I mean jail broken phones :iphone: [quote=“F2P, post:3, topic:75821”]

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They need stop with shit tier offers and people would use vpns lot less.

they do not need to do any thing

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they nëëd too

Au offers and they do Screenshot_2019-09-05-09-33-04


Tapjoy offers are an absolute joke on almost every app tbh, though other games usually actually throw the player a bone sometimes.

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They blessed me with a big bone then

If you are using a Apple phone no VPN will work. They\apple banned the practice.
On Android you can use VPN but when they catch on you will never get offers again.
I use VPN for security everyday and did a few offers 3yrs ago and I no longer get any. I check every so often and only get a pop-up saying no offers available.

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