Tapjoy offers not paying out

Tapjoy offers not paying out the coins ,
When i did the offers of 2 different games i finished bith 1 is 4 days ago , and 1 3 days ago ,
0 coins recieved from both offers and when you try to send them screenshots you cant create a ticket each day says you have send all tickets come back in 0 hours to create a ticket
This is scam

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I had the same problem.
Than I made a Twitter account and send an pm on the tapjoy support Twitter page and 2 days later I got my coins…
You have to sent Tham the case number and Screenshots, good luck!

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i am having the same problem, im pretty sure its because im playing the game on a newer phone, i will probably get an email stating im not eligible due to it not being on my 6 year old sony xperia (had to retire it due to battery swelling outside the case)

I did the Twitter thing and got a response. I also left a review on trust pilot and got a response there aswell. They are just super slow.

Wel i dont want a twitter account to get coins

Never had an issue with tapjoy before on all the offers I have done.You must have done something wrong.Curently just finished an offer for 10k coins.Pretty gud

The last few tapjoy offers I did I did not receive the coins right away. One I sent in to their support and got several auto responses saying they were very busy and would handle my situation, about a week later I got the coins after them messaging me. The other offer, no coins, not one message back from their support, but well over a week later the coins showed up.

If you have completed the offer and provided proof, they will fix it provided you aren’t banned. They might take a month to reply but they do fix it

Shouldn’t have used the B word

Ok.then i wil wait

Does vpn work cause in my area I don’t get much offer

Also getting auto fail right after starting offers

Are you IOS user? It’s more likely to be that than than the region you are based in.

It does work I recomend solo vpn.Its pretty gud

That’s a Tapjoy B@n

Same. I finished King of Avalon to reach stronghold 12 and it was d.o.a. contacted support and Twitter support. Fingers crossed. Even if I don get my coins it’s gonna suck cause I wanted to pull a shield toon. :confused:

I completed level 16 on that one and got flagged cause I completed it too quick because I bought a few packs. They answered my ticket after a couple of days and asked for more proof. Eventually got them.

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Oh man I would have been so mad getting that far in. What was the extra proof they asked for?

For me to go into chat and type in my tap joy account number to prove it was mine.

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Ok well that’s not too bad. I’m just mad cause I wanted a shield toon.