Tapjoy offers ghost

Just wondering if anyone else had this kind of problem :confused: everytime i take a tapjoy offer that usually takes within 14 days to expire it is surprisingly removed from the rewards queue within 2 days… sometimes just few hours, if you’re conserned with this kind of problem or can provide any helpful tips please comment below

Tapjoy offers ghosts?! :open_mouth: :ghost:

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Nope, no useful advice here.


Tap joy silently bans you if you reset you advertising I.D to repeat offers

I already made it plain bro!! Go do ur shit somewhere else!! Have some dignity

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Best to take up issues about Tapjoy with Tapjoy itself. Not much we can do on the TWD forums.

It is this game related so best would be here :wink:

Is there a way to contact them. I did 2 offers completed them. It’s been over a week since I completed them. No coins yet.

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I only do small coin offers so when i get hosed, i do not feel so dissapointed.

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And you probably will never see them either… Do a Google search for tapjoy and you will see all the complaints against them for exactly what you are saying. They are screwing people left and right. People are wasting their time and not being reward even though they completed the offer. Scopely should cancel their agreement with them or at least honor the coins that they neglect to give the players… But we all know that won’t happen.

I guess deep down I figured that’s is the answer was going to be. thanks

It’s not at all, but if you want to think that then hopefully you’ll be happy with non-answers.

I think it’s just confirmation bias that people think Tapjoy never pays. I’ve only had maybe 2 issues and I did a lot of offers. I literally just finished one yesterday for a Harry Potter game and got 800 coins.

It is bro, normal sane persons already commented

I would advise you to collect right away…dont leave them in your inbox

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Talk to those that spent 3 weeks completing the Final Fantasy offer for 8000+ coins… only to have them never paying it out.

contact tapjoy, had a problem once and they fixed it. Scopely has no power on the offers, but really you just should contact tapjoy.

Your best bet is to submit a ticket. In the top left of the Tapjoy screen there are options, go to ‘Reward Status’ and then ‘Not Rewarded’. There should be a place to click if you didn’t receive your coins yet. Click that and wait for an email (make sure you know which account Tapjoy is connected to! It should be the email that’s tied to your FB). Now wait for a week or 2.

If you don’t see a place to click to create a ticket, you’re probably out those coins. You can try looking for an email to send to Tapjoy but I doubt you’ll get help.

I did that offer long ago and never got it either…so sad i was for wasting my time

Yep. That is the problem. Nobody cares that they are taking advantage of us.

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