Tapjoy no Offers

Up to 4 months with this No Offer bug and nobody answers me.
Anything i need to do ?

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Switch to anything but iOS

Did you contact their Customer Support (FaQ)? Do you use a VPN on this specific device? Nothing to do with the operating software since I am iOS user and get offers + video watching.

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if you click the top left corner do you still have any open tickets, as this happened to me and I contacted tapjoy through and open ticket ( how you would if you completed an offer and it hadn’t paid out) and just explained the situation they looked into it and fixed it quickly

it means you’re banned from offers probably

Definitely a vpn issue. That’s what happened on my last device.

Hit them up on Twitter. I had to do the same and they resolved the issue

I don´t use VPN i used to play with 2 different devices.
I will contact then again.
I had no response

Do you have any offers that you can submit a ticket with? If so, attach the screenshot and tell them you do not have any offers. They should reset it back.

Using two different devices will get you banned eventually. They each have their own advertising id. You need to contact them and hope they reset it for you. Good luck.

why? i can´t use my phone and my tablet to play?

See if the other device has offers and that will be the device you are eligible on. It’s not that you can’t play from 2 devices, you just can’t do tapjoy offers on 2 devices. Watching daily videos seems to work on multiple devices though.

Yes. It states in Tapjoy TOS that you are only allowed to use one device.

Not always a good idea to message them and ask for help. My offers disappeared cos my android update messed up so I had to factory reset my phone.

Messaged them saying what had happened and the screen changed from no offers to your banned lol

i use 2 devices to play TWD not to complete same offers …

Same thing happened to me

You messaged them and asked a question or for help?

You had to have used a second device to try tapjoy offers or it wouldn’t have flagged your account. You can play the game on as many devices as you want using facebook but tapjoy will only let you do offers on your “primary” device, usually the first one you used for tapjoy offers.

Yep asked why I didn’t receive a reward for completing an offer and they said I used some tools to change my location. It was less than a week after I had to factory reset my phone because it was crashing when booting up

It’s the same for me too, I haven’t been able to watch videos or do offers in atleast 6months. Their so-called fix as usual did jack squat!!
I still consistently get this stupid pop up when I open the game but there are never any videos or offers available. Typical

But Keep Spending ppl :roll_eyes: