Tapjoy needs to be stopped

I have been fighting with tapjoy for the whole time I’ve been playing this game. I know others have as well. It is absolutely ridiculous they have been allowed to stay a part of this game with you, Scopely. The most recent fight I have been having with them is the offer “Reach Power 100K in Final Fantasy XV” for 6451 coins. Which is a lot of coins! I spent $30 to complete the offer because I thought, “$30 for that many coins is a great deal, right?”. It turned out it wasn’t. Buying that pack got me up to almost 7 million power and I thought that was the quickest I’ve ever completed an offer for that many coins before. I went to check my walking dead game and didn’t see anything in my account so I thought I would wait…24 hours later I sent a request in to tapjoy with proof of me downloading the app and buying the pack for $30. They sent me an email a couple days later saying that the developer of the other app said I never downloaded the app so I am not eligible for coins, end of story, goodbye. I tried emailing them back and received email after email with an automatic response that seriously pissed me off as you can see…


I am just wondering if scopely could resolve this for me. I know it is a long shot to ask that as I had this issue before and they told me there is nothing they could do. Which is bs. This will be the last straw for me and this game if this shit does not get fixed.


They did the exact same thing with me for this offer. After I hit 100k they just said I never installed the app.

Edit: Here is the thread I started a long time ago. @Kalishane got involved and sent me some PMs but nothing ever came from it and I never got my 9k coins.


Don’t forget vidéos which are working half of the time


How is this even allowed? @kalishane I know you guys have the power to credit the coins to the people who have been scammed by this offer.

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OP if you have a purchase receipt take it to the App Store/play store.

I just received the reward for 10k power in the same game

I have taken it to the App Store. They told me to get in contact with the developers of the app.

You must be one of the rare ones then. I haven’t changed devices in over a year. And I rarely do offers anymore.

Send some my way lol

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @anyonewhocandosomething

Zero problems here. Only do the videos or the download and run the apps. I did find a few 7 day trial ones that were tied to the App Store. No credit card, just had to cancel before the 7 days were up. Maybe 3k coins from those, but have not seen them again.

Tapjoy has always been like this, long before this game was around. Apple will never do anything about it. Never do their paid offers.

Two things that can help this:

  1. Make sure to stay on the same email thread with them when working through issues. Don’t open new tickets with them or submit new problems. This will help keep it all together and on track.

  2. Make sure you have started a report with them! You can find all the information here >>


Wow thanks!! I may have to try that.

You’re very welcome! I would definitely see if @kalishane can help you though. Didn’t know she was going to get involved :man_facepalming:

That being said, it’s still good info for other disputes with Tapjoy. Either way, hope you get the coins you’re owed!

Hey guys do you mind if i shoot this whole thread over to Tapjoy? I have a really good friend who works there and i usually show him these to see if there is anything that can be done

I sent an email @kalishane . Thank you for responding.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Go ahead and send it over. I hope it helps.

BTW this isnt a tapjoy problem per se. this is on the advertiser. Not sure how they get their info though.

I emailed the support for the final fantasy app and was still unable to resolve the problem…