Tapjoy keeps restarting my support request

I put in a tapjoy ticket on the 7th of the month and still havent received anything I looked to see what was going on it said solved but I still didnt get anything I look again and it says pending it keeps doing it over and over I’ve sent pictures and ever kind of proof they’ve asked for and got nothing. Who do we complain to???

Every time i start an offer now it disappears before im done with it, this is the 3rd time now, i gave up after the 2nd but they had that 50% extra coins offer a couple days ago, so now that im done with the offer i look and tapjoy says i never started it but the offer is gone from the offerwall, a complete lack of support and scopely just keeps using them. Worthless company

if you log out of your apple id, and log back in, it resets.
or if you clear the games cache too it does it also i imagine.

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