Tapjoy is worthless!


I’ve gotten screwed by tap joy many times, but this latest time I went into tapjoy offers selected an offer to complete, completed that offer, never received the coins, filed a complaint ticket, sent them the info I completed it in an email, than months later get an email from them, that they are sorry but they are not giving me the coins cause they said I didn’t download this game offer thru tapjoy, which is BS, cause the only reason I downloaded a game like “township” was to get coins for this game, tapjoy is such a crap company


Tapjoy sucks the big one.
We all know, and still, they’ll never get replaced more than likely.


Eu sempre recebo minhas moedas, você com certeza fez algo errado


I have the same problem with final fantasy offer…

First I got the message: congratulations we awarded you…
A few days later: sorry we can’t awarded you…
So frustrating…


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