Tapjoy is such a scam

I can’t even count how many times I’ve completed some BS tapjoy offer, only to not get the reward for doing so.

I know the general consensus is to stop doing these offers, but still. Why does Scopely even allow Tapjoy to offer these coins if they have no intention of fulfilling half of their offers?

Not to mention when you complete the offer and fill out a support form because you didn’t get your reward. They either take forever to reply to you, or they don’t reply at all.

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I had my failures for sure, but overall I’ve had pretty good results with Tapjoy. Just a couple weeks ago, I had to contact them cause I didn’t get coins for a cookie game. Everything was resolved in a week.


If you’ve played for more than a month, you should know this by now.
Only have yourself to blame.


Scopely can’t really tell them what offers to put up. Best thing they could do is partner with a company that has their shit together.

I only do the game offers. Those always seem to work for me if done legit. There are some parameters in place that players usually don’t know about.

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Have had more good luck than bad to be honest. Got a 9000 coing offer over the weekend for playing z day till town hall level 16. Showed up right after I completed.

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How’d you do it over the weekend? I’ve been doing it a week or so and only at headquarters 12 almost 13

bought a few 99p offers. Beginners pack, oil pack and a speed up pack. Thought £3 for 9000 odd coins was worthwhile. Oil got really hard to keep on top of by the end.

That and the timers are insane

Doing an offer that’s gonna take a while to do, gonna be mad if it doesn’t give me the 9k coins it’s supposed to.

work for me

Screenshot proof and they’ll compensate you

Always ss the offer requirements and be sure you do all that is required. Usually you can only complete one offer for each game. If you did everything right you can contact support by going to the drive in again and clicking upper left corner “reward status” contact support there.

That offer is only 5,000 coins for me… What?!

Most likely started it this weekend when it was 1.5x

Maybe, I don’t even mess with Tapjoy outside of videos.
It’s really unpredictable if an offer will work or not so I just don’t bother with it.

Started 3 offers on the 1.5 x weekend. Z day for 9200, raids for 2700 and afk arena for 900.
First two came in straight on completion, I had to send a screenshot for afk but that paid out today too. No complaints here.

That offer is 3k for me and is to headquarter lvl 17 :pleading_face::astonished:

But i always got my coins from tapjoy

I have to upgrade the headquarters to level 16 for 9k coins.

I did 3 this week 2 was 9k+ the other was 3k. Had to spend a bit but way cheaper then buying tokens