Tapjoy is a bunch of con artists

Downloaded that dumb cooking dash game like it said.
Bought 5 bucks worth of crap in it, and did not get my 1.5k coins.

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Strange I did get my coins.

I usually do a few offers for coins through tap joy, the cooking dash one is the only one that hasn’t paid out yet. It took a week for them to get back to me saying it would take another week for them to contact the game developer.

I met the objectives in a stupid casino game and submitted a request…but never received a case number and it won’t let me submit again. Now the page that used to show my offer as incomplete has been completely scrubbed.

Tapjoy has an ODDS System just like the promo wheel, there is a 14.68% chance to get the coins from each offer. May the odds be in your favor.

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Waiting on an offer they have been looking into since September, to be fair it did say in there Email they are expected high volumes of request said so may be delayed lol. Don’t hold you breath bud, best thing is don’t waste time with them

I nearly ate my own face doing the tedious final fantasy one.

Tapjoy is a COIN artist.

I didn’t get my coins at first either, but i did after i contacted them.

Contact Tapjoy and say you haven’t received your coins. They will then email you saying they need more information. Send them a screenshot of your account and the payment receipt.
It took 2-3 weeks but i got my coins eventually.