Tapjoy help please!

I’m sure this will sound like a broken record but my tapjoy has been messed up for months. I’m owed roughly 18k coins. I saved all my info all my screenshots and have emailed tapjoy multiple times and I cannot get help at all. And now I can’t do any new offers because as soon as I complete them my reward status says failed immediately. If anybody knows what else I can try please let me know. Thank you all.


Tag scopley into an email reply with tapjoy ,i went months without a response before i tagged scopley support into a email. it didnt help get the rewards as they stated there was no proof of me achieving the target despite me sending video proof with my claim but at least i got a response which was better than i had for the previous months

Thank you for the reply! I will give that a try. What do I type into the email to tag scopley though? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but not to sure.

cant remeber the exact email just do your classic email response to tapjoy evidence and all and cc scopley into, make sure you mention tagging scopley in for visibility.

if you do some searching about tapjoy on the forum shane posted an email adress once

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