Tapjoy has to go

Signing up to 30 day trials and cancelling them should be of your own free will , now tapjoy, who scopely very clearly support by letting them work alongside their game are banning people who cancel out subscriptions they signed up to in order to get free coins. This is taking the piss now, from not paying out coins to ignoring reports , now to banning people who cancel too quick

Is there literally anything being done regarding the constant stream of complaints about tapjoy or is it being swept under the rug.

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Yeah and? It’s to stop people from consistently doing trials and cancelling as soon as they get coins and taking advantage. Tapjoy is a business after all. They get paid per app download, per trial signup, and they lose money if people cancel too quick. That’s all.

They’ve always had that clause in their T&Cs.

Just my opinion anyway.


Just don’t quick cancel. Set a reminder on your phones calender a day or two before your free trial ends and cancel then. Quick cancel means like that day or a couple days after not that you have to pay for a month of the service.

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You do realize this isn’t tapjoy setting the standard but the advertiser right?

Tapjoy wont do anything if you cancel, its a empty threat

Sounds like they are tired of people scamming the system. I don’t take advantage of the free 30 day trials to get coins, I just watch videos.

They may aswell say just pay the first month for the coins or we will ban you.

On alternate note this is the perfect time to retag my poll from the weekend for those who havent.

Tapjoy is a joke company and needs to be dealt with

I seen one recently , for like 300 coins, “download and make your first purchase in the game” And the purchase cost the same if not a bit more than just buying the coins on twd would have


Better buy the coins at TWD. I downloaded so many apps torturing myself through the tutorials or to reaching what ever level without ever receiving the tapjoy coins.

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