Tapjoy final fantasy no coins

Who do i contact if i dont get my reward? I know i probably wont get the coins but it took days and i want my reward

Go to reward status then not rewarded then find the offer and scroll down and hit request support

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I’ve had to do that with my last 3 rewards

Yeah it happens way too often

Seems to happen to anything over 300 coins, I think they just withhold payment for anything over a certain threshold & then only pay out if a ticket is raised, generally do pay out eventually though.

Anyone know how to raise a ticket on a reward that isn’t listed in the reward status section?

I did a Final Fantasy one some months ago and didn’t get the reward, but there was no sign of it in the reward status section either.

Yeah that’s happened to me b4 too, simple answer is you can’t.

I tried sending loads of email to their customer support email, but they never reply to them.


Not just me then

Most offers state they must be finished by a certain time so that would be a losing battle unfortunately

Yeah, I’ve given up hope on seeing those coins.

Tapjoy doesn’t pay out anything for most players.