Tapjoy. Double coins! Nor not

I see they are paying out double coins; great! Except I’ve only have offers for either surveys or making real purchases for about a year. I used to earn a lot of coins this way, but now nothing. I’m sure I remember a post on this before but can’t seem to find it.

Is anyone able to explain why others have been able to utilise playable game tapjoy offers rather than having to buy a shaving kit or make an investment in stocks? Or some other crap?

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iOS have stopped games

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If you are using Apple they banned offers for playing games

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Quick question I’m playing on IOS can i change my account to an android device or an emulator on pc and still get the coins from an offer??

Yes, u can do it

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Be careful with emulator - that’s the sorta shit excuse Tapjoy will use to not pay out.


yes this is true and the same with using a vpn

I tried using a couple VPNs and it says no offers every time

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