Tapjoy crappy offers on IOS?

Hello, can anyone explain me why I’m having this crappy offers on tapjoy? Im playing on IOS and when I change to another android device the game has more worthy offers like playing another games to get coins is there anyway to fix this??


I have same :poop:
Doubt this will ever change :man_shrugging:t2:

Apple’s fault.

Apple changed something I remember reading awhile back. Tapjoy isn’t allowed to push apps that make you do levels or something like that.
Here I looked it up-


@LadyGeek please unfffflaaaggggg this.

ask this of tapjoy not scopely

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Apple eliminated 3rd party downloads as incentives…ie games…effective Easter, IOS will not have games downloadable for coins.

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Apple took them down because third party downloads over inflated the numbers for the apps offered on tapjoy.

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Basically giving false demographics of how many people actually play the game or something like that?

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Yep. Makes sense. Just shitty. I actually went out and bought a 50 dollar android tablet lol.

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Im saving my offers for another good toon pull event like dale but for Diego but other than that im retired basically dont play :joy:

Haha this is probably the best wheel they have put up in a while. Doc and Diego in the wheel. But I know some have One or the other already.

I have doc just need diego but me and rng aren’t friends at all

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