Tapjoy contact?


I had an offer I was working vanish. Leaving me unable to contact them through the app. Does anyone have another way? The offer was on warship commanders.


I don’t have a contact but was it because you went over the 7-day time limit? I recall there was a time limit to complete that offer (if it’s the same offer I’m thinking of).


Yeah sounds like you ran out of time.


Yeah i was working on the same offer like in the 10-11 day the same offer dissapear, but have to said reaching level 11 on those 7 days without spend was almost imposible, every level from stage 6 or 7 was way to dificult, at least would like to know if there a email to complain and maybe how knows get the reward


Don’t recall a time limit.


When I tried to do the warship one it had a 7 day time limit. I gave up on it and sure enough after 7 days it wasnt in my offers anymore


Well, I might have missed thst. Dang.


I tried that offer which has a 7 day limit, I exceeded that by about 20 days. Now I can’t do it.


Pffft. Tap joy are pirates. Mf’s Owe me about 2500 coins :cry:


That offer has to be completed in the 7 day event by beating chapter 11 which is called his glory. I deleted as I realized I couldn’t reach it.


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