Tapjoy Coins sent to Google play account not amazon

I asked customer support for help with this but they basically said screw you. I’ve completed a few tapjoy offers and had them sent to my main account no issues, but for some reason the guns for glory 19 on (worth 24k) went to my level 2 Google account while my game was linked to the amazon account. None of the other offers did this, I of course emailed support and they said they can’t (won’t) help. It’s an obvious mess up, people are quitting in droves and customer support still won’t help with basic issues. I’m hopeful one of the admins here can help. The copy and pasted responses from customer services basically saying “haha go f’ck yourself” when there is such an easy fix in a clear error, honestly why? No wonder people are leaving in droves.

nobody can help unfortunately

I had a problem these days with an offer of Arabic Sign Language (16k), just download the app and that’s it, but I didn’t get anything, suport didn’t help me either, and nowhere to ask for help on tapjoy’s support. , one worse than the other

What’s the poi t in having support when they won’t fix obvious errors…? @GR.Scopely

Tapjoy does not belong to Skopelie. They are an independent company. That’s the reason why you won’t get help here or by Skopelie’s CS. You have to annoy Tapjoy‘s CS when you have any issues with receiving your free stuff.

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Anyone else getting this on tapjoy?? :sob::sob::sob:

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Because I’ve got coins on one of my unlinked accounts not my main account, it’s an easy fix for them but rather than help fix it they just say nah

Its tapjous problem to fix not the scopes for once. This is one of the rare occurances where its not their fault or issue

So tapjoy say no, support say no, even though it’s an obvious and easy fix.