Tapjoy coin offer 10k

So there’s 3 Final fantasy offers totaling around 10k coins, has anyone completed these? Is it free? Is it difficult to complete etc?

I did one many months ago, pretty sure it was to upgrade your Citadel to a certain level, was okay enough to get through.
Now I have one that requires to get Citadel to level 10, AND spend at least $4.99 within 7 days, new users only so I doubt I qualify for this.

Never receive gold from ff

There are lots of different ff offers. Usually citadel level or power.
10k power was pretty quick and free. Citadel level 10 A few days and free.
100k power I stopped trying when my tapjoy wall went blank.

Any tips for how to complete these offers in time?

You can only get credited for one… buy the 4.99 pack. Will help you out and let you complete it very quickly.

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So is the 100k power offer too difficult to complete without paying money?

100k power is by far the hardest one to reach. I didn’t want to waste all seven days trying so I bought the 5 dollar pack and was easy. And well worth t to get all those coins. If you don’t want to spend, I would recommend citadel level 10. Make sure you start off by leveling all the material areas like stone and food. You will need them.

Building wall traps gives you a lot of power and fast.

100k power is a lot if you don’t spend, but while I was doing it my whole offer wall went blank so I stopped anyway.

I did it in a week and a half f2p, just gotta train a load of troops and traps.

I did one of these maybe 8/10 months ago, was a grind fest to get there within the 7 day limit but is achievable, think I even had a couple of days to spare.

It did though then take over a week to get the coins with multiple emails back & forth.

You should have continued, I restarted my phone & had no pending offers listed on the TapJoy wall. Was preparing myself for a 0 reward. But decided to press on.

I finished the 100k yesterday in 9 days & my reward came in shortly after.

I did it, never got any payout. cotacted ta[joy the said I didn’t install the game (I did). Contacted @kalishane here and also emailed scopely. Nothing.

this right here is why I am skeptical to try it…

I done the Citadel to level 10 one for about 3.5k coins late last year. One of the only times they paid out. Pro tip, but the £4.99 offer. Speeds it up :blush: