Tapjoy as messed up as scopley support


@kalishane this is the problem with there support clearly states the ofger cant be paid out as the company involved says the offer was not complete and to contact the game support so contact game support and they tell me its nothing to do with them its tapjoy who needs to deal with the problem please can you look into these issues as a free to play player tapjoy is killing the game for players like me as we cant get the rewards to help


Try emailing tapjoy again with the response from the game if that doesn’t work u are probably beat. I have only lost out on one offer from tapjoy ever. And it happened to be one that took forever to complete with lots of tedious nonsense. Good luck.


Thanks i have sent them the reply back but suprise suprise they gone quiet but maybe step in right direction as been waiting since August for this offer to be looked at


Good to hear, I lost around 90% of offers, until they banned me for sending too much mails to support.


At least someone replies to you on the subject. I Haven’t had a response from tapjoy since I started an offer a month and a half ago. I haven’t had a response from scopely or anyone else in over 3 weeks as well.


Lol banned for what it shows how poor both companys communication is scopley support always says sorry cant help please contact this person then tapjoy do the same and even the game developers that they tell you to contact says sorry its not us its tapjoy @kalishane


You sir are the luckies person I seen.