Tapjoy are con-artists. They need fixing or firing

I completed an offer in the Tapjoy- earn coin section and have yet again not been rewarded. It was for 1280 and involved me ■■■■■■■■ money via another website. I completed this offer on November the 9th and have emailed support on numerous occasions it’s now the November 26th and they have still not resolved my issue. But it has disappeared from my offers section? Any suggestions on what I should do. It is not the first time I have completed offers costing me money and been ripped off.


The thing that recently happened with me for Tapjoy was I completed an offer, but was then told that because I’d previously completed an offer for that particular game, I wasn’t eligible for the reward. Which, fair enough, was mentioned in the fine print for the offer, I just didn’t think I needed to read that.

My issue is: why show me that offer at all?

If I’m not eligible for the reward, don’t show it to me! I asked tapjoy support this, and they gave me some answer about not having that capability. I don’t buy this for a second, they just don’t want to be bothered to make it easy to use. Additionally, there’s no way to view your completed offer history, so we have to rely entirely on our memory as to whether we’ve completed any previous offers for particular games.

So in short: If we complete a duplicate offer, they win, we lose, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Con-artist? Who knew Tapjoy and Scopely have so much in common.


Not sure what you expect to accomplish posting this here…but anyhow…most likely you are doing something wrong, especially since this has happened to you multiple times. You shouldn’t have trouble with support as long as you follow their directions and reply to all emails respectfully.

Tapjoy are on the same level as Scopely and I wouldn’t be surprised it it were the same incompetent people.

Lmfao (7 chars)

Ever try to contact TapJoy outside of their automated email chains?
I had to about a year ago. The only way then (and possibly now) was to post feedback on their mobile website (only the mobile one had this option), include your email and chew their ass out. It’s a complete mess. They try and use the silent treatment the moment a deal isn’t going their way.


i emailed their home office…got response in like 2 hours…said they where sorry and my account had been credited the coins…ive been waiting 3 months for those coins to appear…they said they gave um to me when i emailed them about not getting them…placate me, i think not…but what can ya do…tap joy taint huffers


“Con-artist? Who knew Tapjoy and Scopely have so much in common.”

lol. Exactly.

I was asking for advice/suggestions on what to do and see what other people have experienced… I’ve contacted support on numerous occasions respectfully each time and it’s like they just don’t want to pay out on any of the offers over 500 coin. I screenshot and keep evidence each time but they forever fob you off with bigger coin offers. The support team sucks.

Nope but think imma try that now. Did they pay out for you in the end?

I dont know about ya’ll but outside of 2 times ive received my coins. Hell just recieved coins early playing War Dragon. Alot of times though it is not Tapjoy but the advertisers they work with. Try emailing support again. I do know their customer service is crappy though

good luck

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In the past two days from the 1.5x offer and tapjoy i have gained 39,033 coins. Did little offers theres and there, hope you get what you’ve done.

Yeah, I had like 3 or 4 offers that were backed up. That got them all resolved.

This is the answer I had tapjoy about the offer on final fantasy XV. While it is still installed on my phone and I filled the offer in less than 14 days .

This isn’t Tapjoy’s fault if the game’s manufacturer states it isn’t installed. Tapjoy’s support is telling you the company who made Final Fantasy XV (Machine Zone) is stating the game isn’t installed on your device. Tapjoy is just relaying the information. You need to be contacting Machine Zone about this since it actually is installed on your device.

Tapjoy contacts the game manufacturer before releasing rewards. If the game manufacturer says no…well you know what happens.

I posted this yesterday and today I got rewarded… After near 3 weeks that just a coincidence or this impacted on it. Either way I’ve recieved my reward so I’m happy this time round.

What luck! It’s been 1 month that I expect rewards up to 2500 gold and nothing …

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