Tap no joy for the uk


Why are coin rewards so varied between countries I’m sure you get paid the same commission regardless of if we are in the UK or US.

The US version of reach level 10 keep in final fantasy pays 2,800
The Uk version pays 220

Most other offers rewards 7-12 coins myself an I imagine others would be More inclined to do these offers if rewarded fairly.

I mean I would have to download the entire App Store in order to get enough for a couple of pulls.

Also whilst your taking it ti the team @kalishane can you also get them to up the video reward too 3 coins for just ain’t worth it especially as some of the most adds force you to play a “demo” game for 2 minutes.


You dont have to play the games xD just close the add after 30secs. And the coinreward is 3 here, in Germania.


Yup. The tapjoy pay rate is terrible


Also, half of them wont pay out anyway, if it takes more than like 2 hours to finish the reward, most of the time tapyjoy deletes the game from the payout list…


I actually got over 6k for the final fantasy one.


Current uk offers on tap joy (iPad)


So you could do 30 pulls I couldn’t do one, do t seem fair really :frowning:


Welcome to tapjoy/scopely synergy - being fair as fair can be (not really). This was always the problem btw, tapjoy works according to world area. That is why my max is 15 coins per day (it means I’m far from usa, probably few galaxies away…).


Scopley would get same Commisission though so odd they would restrict no us residents from doing it. Especially as giving there players there own version of currency as a reward doesn’t cost them a penny.

But if they don’t because well you seen my image post above they loose Commisission.


If this game had any normal idea for developing, it wouldn’t be based on 99.5% dead accounts per region - this is problem no.1. So don’t sweat it with offers cause they are waste of time, just tag along until you get bored with game - forums are much more fun.