Tap joy no coins still


I completed the tapjoy offer for final fantasy, last week around Thursday, and I’ve yet to get my coins I event sent evidence it’s around 5k coins, there is also a few in my faction have no received anything from other offers in tapjoy, anyone know what is happening? anyone else having issues?


yeah i completed it and even purchased their initial offer so i could complete it within an hour rather than days. Filed a ticket with them and they replied that the advertiser told them i had never downloaded the game. A few others in my faction got the same reply. its a scam, im done with tapjoy


@kalishane was apparently going to “bring up” the whole tapjoy issue but clearly fuck all was done about it


I did stop for a while before because I never did get most of the coins I was owed definitely a scam, u do waste time doing them offers it’s annoying =\


Same situation as you I’m 3 weeks in and still awaiting a initial response


Sent in a ticket and proof and no initial response here either. That game was brutal too