Tap and hold to sell weapons


Is it possible to get a update to allow a hit and hold to sell weapons like we can to disassemble them?


@kalishane another awesome low difficulty tweak which would improve user experience- currently when disassembling weapons you can click and hold on a weapon to select all of that same weapon to disassemble- this would also be awesome to be able to do when selling weapons - currently you are only able to select 1 by 1 lol


Same goes for selling characters. I sell all 1* character. The worst is how it changes the lay out to have less on the screen vs looking at your roster.

Nothing is worse then armories busy with upgrades and getting full weapon notice every time you do something. If it did not pop up every time I would not care but…


Support I will take on from here: It will break engine, not possible, pull for new 6s, give me 5 for answer.

It was asked so many times cause it is one of many stupid limitations that could reduce thumb dancing on screen, but is mostly buried under threads “which team should I use” or “which toon do you like most”. So get me that rug and broom, sweep.


Amen brother


This is yet another feature I’ve been requesting since before they even limited the amount of weapons we could hold. The code is in the game already so it would be easy to implement. You’d run into issues like disassembling weapons where modified weapons are auto selected even when non modified weapons were long touched… But I’ve also been requesting weapon locks like those on characters for a year or so now. Which also wouldn’t be too hard to clone the character lock code and adapt it to weapons.

I truly suspect that they likely don’t have weapon locks because they don’t understand how much that added layer of protection for weapons that we’ve spent weeks and months making would be loved. And long touch to sell food deters people selling weapons for food so the 1 or 2 people whom buy the feast bags will keep buying it as they like to nickle and dime users rather than make a user friendly game.


I don’t if it was already a thing but I first saw this week that we can choose how much bag we want to buy in the coin shop. When it’s about coin and money, things get done. :unamused:


Pretty much nailed it mochi


Love how this is a practical fix and we get nothing out of @kalishane she will respond to meme competition but is unlikely to respond to actual game issues


Can we just remove 1 star toons and weapons from the game?


Bump. So tired of doing this. Why are IOS users punished?


Great idea and also consider a select all to sell Gear, Battle Items and Items. Thumbs and fingers would be very grateful and thankful. :wink::sunglasses::rofl: