Talking about 7*... But where are my 5* Weapons d

Where the heck are my five star weapons.

I mean the gear is there since over an year


Why has 7*s erupted as a topic today?

Admittedly I did bring it up myself…

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We dont need 5* weapons…


Same thing with the 5 star weapons a few months back. One person noticed something they never noticed before but was in there the whole time, boom, 20+ topics about 5 star weapons in a day.

New 5* weapon stat:

5,000 ATK

An extremely huge bonus to AP when attacking, seriously, it’s so much AP, prepare for the butthurt this will cause.

A minor chance to heal teammate by 5% when attacking.


Who cares about 7* or 5* weapons. As soon as they implement either I’m done. Game is like a rinse & repeat


Or think about the Earl of the 5* Weapons

A great chance to revive one Teammate and to heal the whole enemy team by 100% when being attacked


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It always was and will be.
An never-ending continuum of new content to amaze our minds and to empty our pockets

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New Earl weapon:

-90% HP
100% Bonus HP to enemies
Decapitate one teammate per turn.


Sound more fitting for Gregory who sells out his own Team. Also don’t forget
Special Stat 4: Gregory will join the Enemy Team as soon as he’s the last one


A beautiful one xD

Plot twist: This will actually be useful

This was the funniest imagination I saw last year xD

Maybe with 5 star weapons the bleeding will be fixed.

Step one

Bleeding will always be stocking up when attacking an enemy with bleed

Step two

Bleed will last for four rounds

Step three

Bleeding will cause more damage. Maybe 1000?

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1,000 bleeding for 4 turns? Davie will have a field day with that.

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Think about it. This would make it badass and Davie would be the most wanted chat I guess

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They’ve introduced 5* weapons??

Yes it is sarcasm

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Omg guys don’t give them this kind of dumb idea… OG player will remember when 6* were a joke between players…

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Well personally 6* were a great equaliser for my F2P self against the big 5* gulf that was enlarged to extremes with toons like Priya, Konrad, Theresa, etc. I never quite got the hate. Unpopular opinion perhaps

Be careful Parker, they will call you a troll and/or Scopely white knight

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So like custom 6 stars?