Taking toons out of a team they aren’t in

I’m trying to ascend naya but it says she’s in a team and won’t let me. She’s not in any teams on my roster though. How do I fix it?

Tried reloading the game.

Ps I’m thinking blue Andrea must be on power trip to be ascended first. She’s hot to trot. Lol

check sr team

Can’t. I’ve finished it for the day.

That’s probably the problem then. Happened to me a few times before, gotta wait for it to reset.

unless she’s on your defense team. it should work

Stil not working. Still says she’s in a team. She is not. Have sent screenshots to support.

Can you put the screenshot up here, doubt it would help but you never know.

Indeed I can.

Not on a team but apparently assigned to a team.

Can’t you still select them anyway and ascend them? I’ve never had an issue with someone being on a team before ascending them, and often do so when they are on my “for levelling” team (to keep them at the top of my roster)

Nope. She’s “assigned to a team” so greyed our.

Support are insistent she is assigned to a team and i’m Being stupid.

So what is she is greyed out? Doesn’t stop her being selected…

If it was SR team, it says “assigned to Survival Road”.

And similar to my post above, that still doesn’t stop them being selected for ascendance…

Go into SR and run 1 level with a different team that she is not on.

Was she in your horde defense over the weekend?

Try taking those mods off her maybe that will help!!

Hit the ascend button in the bottom right corner and she’ll go right to the tower for ya

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She might have been. If i’m Being honest I set my defence and then lost interest.

Thqt is my bad. I stupidly assumed if something was greyed out, it meant I couldn’t select it. Stupid me!

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