Taking on Triple Blue Impair Tyreese with neutralize on Survival Road


Level 353 with a fresh Start and no pre ap building… very hard to do without a rez or neutralize and not have someone die right off the bat since the mobs rock over 2400 attack per


1*s and damage reflect.


I’ve been trying to craft a reflect since I first heard you say that

Tree branches are not working for me

Good thing I have a lot of Super glue…


I got a damage reflect Katana from weapon pulls, so there’s 1 option there if you’re having no luck. I got another damage reflect climbing axe while trying to get absolute defense.


Yeah I figure I’ll have a chance to get abs def 1* or reflect from yellow, so both of those are cool

Already got a -30 defense on damage tree branch, which is not that useful but is the highest critical success you can get for defender 3 green, if I recall correctly


Level 400 here, never stopped doing the road and never used reflect or anything like that.
My go to team against this is: Carl lead, Eze rts, Eze 6, Shiva, Lester.


Carley, 6star zeke, negan, shiva, and def mich


Only way it could have been worse is if Ty had all impair on damage weps…


Easiest way for me to get a reflect is to try for absolute defense, I have a 101% success rate and getting reflect instead of abosolute