Takes two to tango with a chainsaw


alpha chainsaw version is finally here…have fun with her…she is one bad toon


take the word bad literally :wink:


Aoe decapitate with double tap built into her weapon is pretty damn good, imo. She’s less effective only because no one runs yellows on defense, aside from Zeke or Michonne with AD. Connor and/or Jerry nerfing defense before she rushes will be a bloodbath.


Scopely had the greatest marketing idea by putting her on a map filled with yellow characters with no defensive weapon and no defensive leader.

They were like lambs to the slaughter. They want to impress potential buyers, by making her look as beastly as possible.

One thing still sticks out. There are no good melee leaders for her to benefit. So, Scopely is already planning the next move, create demand for that attacking melee leader.

On defence she will be a bust as all she will do is boost attackers AR. On attack you can use her behind a Javier or a LE Negan paired with command Glenn for that extra buff.

If I was to spend, I’d try for Bruce over her anytime of the week.


aaron is a great lead for her


Aaron is a green leader. What I’m saying is someone that benefits both yellows and greens.


The 6* leads and support don’t properly exist to make her a REAL threat. For now she’ll just be a gimmick. Majority of top team are dantes and erikas she won’t do much against those without alot of buffing/debuffing. Hell blue alpha has similar stats and AR dmg % and still doesn’t one shot Erika without help even with 40 atk lead and trait bonus.

She’s the equivalent to the release of mediocre Jesus toons back in the day, pulls weren’t about the quality of the character more about OMG JESUSZORS.


With the current avaliable f2p leader’s she is not good. But in the future she might become a good attacking toon.


She isnt too bad with a you can use Xmas michonne lead if you have her, Green Negan ,Carl, or maybe even fast Rosita. Xmas michonne or New Threat Negan would be the best for the new Alpha.


all i know is I have her in beta and she smashes teams


She’s good but ya need to maximise use of the active once a leader comes she’ll be a good toon fro definite for now yeah I mean you could get away with 6* mich as lead as in the yellow one but yeah


People are forgetting about Madison. No melee teams stand a chance behind Madison, Jeremiah, alpha combo. Three turn death.


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