Take This To The Team



This will be hidden or ignored like most…

Then it lets me know I hurt their feelings

@Looney @GHOSTONMETOAST Actually S class is on top of the list of feedback to the team.



Why isn’t the playerbase quality on the top of the list? I hope u guys revert the stats but that would mean refund city.




I wonder what the team will do. Make them easier to obtain? Make legacies S-Class and have roadmaps for their items? Reverse the buff and let Gen 2 6* still have a fighting chance or just say somethings gonna happen and then nothing happens.

The team will do nothing


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Yet they do the exact opposite every single time

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Let’s be real… you guys aren’t going to change S class and get rid of the buff. You sold priya on that buff. It’s too late and you know it.

The only reason it’s on your agenda is because she didn’t sell that well because 99 percent of players can’t afford 1k+ for a toon.


Some Project Manager is low sales on the design team as we speak…

Is that why Priya promo is on for 2 weeks? :joy:


It is on for 2 weeks so that people can get another paycheck and try for her again…

They need extra buff?

The team will do nothing but keep pumping out op promos and pushing pay to play events like arenas until this game is shut down …

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No way in hell u can justify, spending a grand for something that will like get old and expire like bread. Like do u even have life insurance😂? Might as well put in put in ur will that scopley will inherit all ur money. I remember when when negan came out and i saw he had almost 3k hp i then that he would be the precursor to all this shit, i said they could make a toon with 3k atk and low and behold pryia has 5k atk. People spent out the ass for negan, so they pushed the envelop for pete then pryia.

Scopley are like little kids that keep doing something up till they get called out for it just trying to see how far they can get aka (milking).


Correct. Even if you have that kind of money it be would ridiculous to spend that amount for one toon. Even though none of them should’ve been buffed. They will do whatever they feel like not thinking about how their customers are going to react.

Shes on for 2 weeks because of marketing. They purposely didn’t buff pete till after war so they can pull in all the people that were on the fence about getting pryia to get her if they want a fighting chance in TOC. I can’t make this shit up :joy:

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All I see is a ice cream cone promo.
But at least the museum collection last for a year