Take the timer out of raids! Or extend the time at least!


The amount of raids I’m losing for the sake of maybe 1 or 2 seconds, teams take far longer to kill now with all the mods available but the timer is still stuck on the old 5* meta. It’s not even a case of not having them all dead due to stalemate, but my experience has been because of the visual graphics taking a few seconds in between each attack i.e reflect damage, heal, it all mounts up!! just having a moan sorry lol, but yeah get rid of the timer or extend it at least


Sure whine about mods when you could easily put some mods on :joy: though I agree the timer is stupid although I rarely get to it.


A huge dynamic of defense is timeout. Extend it further you’re eradicating a large portion of defenses.


Amen brother!!! The extra graphics take way too long to settle, focus would be nice for all too, it’s not like 6* shields only cover three.


It plays into strategy


I say get rid of the timers. If someone wants to spend 10 min trying to beat a team in war let them. Their camp will be destroyed by the time they finish win or lose. Either way, they aren’t putting up many points for their team.

As far as raids go it should be until your team is completely wiped. It would make the game a lot better because it would force the whales to come up with something besides two Erika’s and two Magna’s and a third reviver all equipped with the best gold mods money can buy.


agreed timer should be extended not erased. By 1 minute longer would be great


It’s not the mods I’m moaning about lol, it’s the game displaying all the things that the mods do that takes the time :slight_smile: mods are fine , just need the timer to reflect all of these new things


I disagree. Mods ruined the game.


I regularly finish raids 3-4th turn. I understand not everyone can, but I haven’t gone to timeout on raids in ages.


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