Take out the cheats. No more raid robots

There’s a ton of b.s that is the raid robot. Please take out the stupid robots they are unfair and cheating and I’m sick of losing 25 reps every time I lose with an s 9 team. to something that’s an S7 or lower because I can’t read their team I can’t read their reps or team in your reps that you put up are not comparable to what the teams are so your robots are fake but you guys design them to be lower so that we can’t get 25 reps from them but they steal them from us what the hell! It’s unfair. It’s not real. Their not real players. I don’t care if they’re made from real players their reps are fake. Not real. and I think it’s bullspit that you guys would think that this is even fair to put it in the game, that we raid against each other, not freaking robots. Take out the fake robots I’ve had it ,for three years I’ve put up with this and complain about it I’m done being nice. So what if we can raid them all the time and there’s cool down periods. we should be able to raid anyone from any level from any anything that’s how it used to be. Take out the robots you have made 6 * guys now that are in penetrable doesn’t matter what team you have you can’t beat them because that’s the freaking toons that you have made too hard to beat so please readdress the situation and fix it. Because of how difficult the new cartoons you had made our the robots are now not functionable. If you make fake profile read components you need to allow and information bar and show their team and then that might be fair but the way you have it now is totally unfair not competitive at all very unsportsmanlike. It’s like someone taking steroids for a Olympic game and only working out the muscles that they need to so you can’t tell and then cover them with a sumo suit so you can see what they look like

Bots are easy to beat. They mirror real players teams. If you haven’t heard already, many players ask the region to drop defense for this very reason.
Bots are placed in the game to help with overall improvements. I.e., raids in a dead region.
People also may complain about top dogs taking all of their resources from them. So, instead of being able to raid the same person 10 times in a row when everyone else is online but them, bots help give variety and keep things moving along without drastically draining a real players resources as well as affecting their rep.
I know many say rep is useless, and it is for the most part, but it does play into who you face in war and how often you face that faction based on the overall rep everyone has accumulated into the faction.
Bots are not cheats. They aren’t hard to beat. Even dropping your own defense will help as well.
Also, keep in mind, if you are losing to bots, might as well learn to beat them so you can better yourself overall rather than being handed a victory.


Şakamı bu

I think it is.

We shouldn’t have to drop our defense because of a bug in their game. And no they’re not easy I’ve lost more than I’ve won and I have s9 teams with built weapons and built everything so yeah they need to just remove them they are pointless

Then, if you would be so kind, show me your main S9 attack team.

Fake is not real fake is mimicking and not 100% which is a robot or a clone or something that is not normal or naturally 100%

Main? I have a bunch depending on types of teams.

I have been playing for 3yrs plus. Without p2p

Erm… If your S9 team is losing to an S7 team, knowing the enemies’ rep isn’t the issue, you are. It means that your team or your actions are so bad that a significantly weaker(or better strategized team) can beat yours.

Bots are there so you can actually raid when the system can’t pair you up with someone else. When someone gets raided, they can’t be raided again for another 2 hours unless they start to raid. And since you’re not the only one raiding, a large number of players in your region can easily be unraidable, especially during a raid tournament. Take out bots and you can’t raid anyone.


Would you prefer raiding to become more like territories where a few hundred people are all waiting for one person to log off and fight to see who can raid them first? Raid tournaments would be so slow and painful to score even just the first milestone with waits to find anyone to raid taking hours. Removing bot teams is a horrible idea.

Honestly there’s a lot of dead accounts to accommodate for that

Just how dead is your region? Are you all alone?

No lol. But think about 3 yrs plus of game play. And if they stopped lining up rep based attack. Then all even the dead accounts are able to use to attack. Then it’s just like bots but without -25reps. N only gain 6. At least the dead lower rank will not result in loss if rep

Not enough to sustain the amount of players raiding during raid tournaments, which is why you tend to see bots during those times.

And you’re forgetting that the raid trophies also depend on the enemies’ roster strength. Even if there are large amounts of dead accounts to sustain raiding, almost any logical person would rather raid a bot because they’ll get significantly higher raid trophies. I average around 25 raid trophies per bot I kill, as they are copies of players whose roster is of similar strength to mine. Before I had upgraded my roster to the strength that it is currently, I’d get bots of significantly weaker levels, but also significantly less raid trophies, averaging around 20 raid trophies.

think that’s it

So you’d prefer to play against the teams of people who’ve quit playing the game years ago? I guess you want much easier bot teams then.

Screenshot_20190213-012634 might be this I don’t know.

I, for example, use only 1 attack team for literally everything successfully.
Camille lead, Harper, Wayland, Alpha, and Jesus shield.
S9 team.
Even before I started getting lucky with pulls I never had trouble taking care of bots. I simply utilized strategy. I adapted and overcame.

Bravo, love a good troll.