Take it to the team

So, I’ve seen it repeated multiple times. Well take it to the team… I’ve advanced it to the team… But still… Again…

Fricking hilarious…


Glad they are cause I still need chocolate cakes good thing the game doesnt revolve around you and your gaming experience


Don’t get mad at other customers, Scopely should do choice boxes, even if it was a choice of range S class collection items or melee, or something, a choice you know?


I’m not mad but it does get old hearing people want stuff taken away because they dont need it. There are tons of people playing this game placating the few screws the masses


To be fair, I don’t think they’re asking for chocolate cake to be taken away; they’re only asking for more collectible options to be included in the top tourney prizes. Even if all the possible collectibles aren’t included, having the cake along with 2 or 3 other choices would be nice. Especially with the volume of level up tourneys in any given month.

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I already give up on being mad with choco cakes. Just hit milestones for tokens and save resourses for the item you need. I’m grinding for Raulito, so I’m saving stuff for him.


So maybe don’t level up?


Hmm… The majority of posts complaining have been asking for choice boxes. So I think they’d prefer it did revolve around my gaming experience. And I’ll also say this. Enjoy your green toon when most have multiple red sclass toons. I don’t see many Laopo out there, but pretty sure anyone with decent knowledge of the game would rather go for many of the other toons instead. But you feel free to keep your single mindedness.

It is a choice boxes either laopo cakes or 3 5 star pulls your choice


I must admit I have eaten to much Chocolate Cake, Choice crates all the way please

I do agree with most of your post, Laipo is freaken awesome to thou and way harder to beat than a Pete lead team🤗

stop whining kids…

I don’t believe solo should be choice boxes save those for faction events. But I do believe they should rotate a little more often.

Right, because the current red meta will be permanent and the next wave won’t be coming to counter it at all.

Lol I feel like I’m talking like I’m in the matrix, but there should be a choice box within a choice box hahahahahah… seriously tho, they need to engineer a way to ensure that their is choice and not between chocolate cakes and 5* tokens when we r in an S-Class meta.

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I get u, but it sounded like it, dont get sick and tired of hearing the same thing from customers but instead (if u want) think what is Scopely doing to ensure choice? Don’t think it’s to take en away but just to provide choice.

This is when SCOPELY should be scanning the forums and selecting top topics to get more specific information to take to the team.

I’m bored of chocolate cake

I’ve seen your posts too. Most of them seem to be negative, complaining about rewards or full rosters or how Scopley didn’t do this or that for you. And I’m the fun little troll because I state the obvious? If there’s a tournament with rewards you don’t like, don’t go for it.

Or maybe just whine about how there’s things you don’t need for rewards. Whatever works best for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Funny thing. They’re negative. Yes. But they’re also in alignment with what most of this community wants. Is there a reason to give scopely praise? Hardly ever. So most comments on here will be negative. If you were to go further back into my posts, you’d see that when scopely used to do the occasional thing right, I would actually say nice things. They haven’t earned that in quite a while. You in the other hand only like to complain when the players, who are actually the ones who want to keep this game going, ask for something that’s not unreasonable. At least a month of cakes for every tourney so far? That’s ridiculous. Choice boxes are clearly what people want. No roster cap (or stackable trainers) is what people want. Keep trolling though. There’s always that “special” group in any forum that needs to be filled.

Not true at all. I happen to disagree with all encompassing statements like “This is what the player base wants”. How do you know what the player base in general wants? Maybe that’s what people on the forum ask for, but that’s certainly not the opinion of most of the player base.

I really don’t care about your opinion enough to go back and read all your posts. You aren’t that important to me.