Tagging JB and complaining


Looking over the posts on this forum it looks like JB gets tagged in almost every thread with more than 10 posts. How many do you really think he reads? Also for ones like the 3rd anniversary token offer I’m sure he’s seen it by now. Do you think he’s going to go back and keep reading more replies when he already knows what they all say?

Not trying to be negative, I’m new here, just truly asking does tagging him actually do anything? Have they ever actually fixed anything because he was tagged?


I agree that he doesn’t need to be tagged a thousand times a day. Imagine coming in from a great weekend with the family and seeing all of these tags (most of them unnecessary). I wouldn’t blame him for not reading or responding… :woman_shrugging:t4: I’m all for complaining but the tagging is definitely going overboard.


Like every Monday when 10 people tag him in posts about calendar updates SMH :man_facepalming:


Of course, if he gets one response having a moan it won’t have the same impact as one thousand.

I agree, he probably ignores 90% of it. But if he sees himself getting tagged over and over and over about the same issue it does at least ensure that the severity of the issue is communicated even if he doesn’t read all the posts.

I say that, one the assumption that people only ever tag him when they have a legitimate grumble, which is probably more of the issue…



Couldn’t help myself… thread complaining of tagging JB and no one has tagged him yet… shame!


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